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We offer Master Password to unlock Bios & HDD on Dell, Acer, HP, Samsung, Fujitsu, And Sony, Reset Laptop & Notebook faster, get your bios or hdd master password Within 2 hours or less, usually 5 minutes, NY Time Zone.

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Our Bios & HDD Passwords are backed up with the guarantee that it will work 100% or your money back, Bios and HDD Passwords are sold separately, if Laptop has a password set on Motherboard ( BIOS) and (HDD) two passwords will be required to unlock it.

About our Dell Bios & HDD Password recovery services: We have more than 24 Dell bios password generators to help you unlock and reset your Dell Laptop, Notebook, Tablet, or Desktop. Our Dell master Passwords are designed to work on Dell showing: System Disable, Unlock Key Hint Number, PPID, Just the Service Tag, Password Error Code, Hard-drive S/N, 8FC8, E7A8, BF97, 1F5A, 6FF1, 1F66, 3A5B, 2A7B. 595B, D35B, System Disabled, We offer BIOS password recovery services for any of these supported Dell Models: Dell Alienware, Dell Inspiron, Dell Latitude, Dell Precision, Dell XPS, Dell Vostro, Dell Venue, Dell Optiplex, Dell G series, Dell Studio, Dell wyse & Dell Chromebook.

About Acer Bios & HDD Password recovery services: we are happy to advertise our Acer Bios Password reset services as being the most complete, we hold two bios password generators just for Acer with unlock key hint number, plus we have bios password generators for Acer with: Enter Unlock Password Key, that can be 10 digits or the old 8 digits, we got you covered on Acer HDD Password error code and System Disabled as well.

Supported Acer Laptop models: Acer Aspire, Acer TravelMate, Acer Extensa, Acer Nitro, Acer Swift, Acer predator and Acer Ferrari.

HP Bios Password recovery services: Our HP Bios Password reset services Feature two new password generators for HP Laptop with System Disable i code, System Disabled A Code, and it Does not stop there, We Also offer Password for HP with HDD Password Error Code, System Disabled 5 digits, also Password check fail, With five HP Password Generators, We are one of the top sellers on-line with 100% successful results.

Supported HP Models we can unlock: HP Pavilion, HP Envy, HP Stream, HP Elitebook, HP Spectre, HP Chromebook, HP Omen.

About Samsung Bios & HDD Password recovery services: Samsung Bios password recovery is easy, Just from the System Disabled code, we can generate the right BIOS or HDD Password for your Laptop, the System Disabled code can be: 5 digits, 12 digits, 18 digits, 18 chars, 44 chars, same for Samsung Laptop with HDD Password Entry Failed.

About Fujitsu Bios & HDD Password recovery services: We Offer the Top Fujitsu bios password, designed to unlock your laptop with efficiency, These Passwords are easy to type and understand, All Fujitsu passwords will work on Fujitsu Laptop displaying: System Disabled 20 Chars, 20 digits, 18 Chars 12 Digits, 12 Chars, 5 Digits, Also HDD Password Entry Failed.

About Sony OneTime Password recovery services: We offer the best Sony Bios password, designed to automatically unlock your laptop after you type our password, These Passwords are easy to type and understand, All Sony passwords will work 100% on any Sony Laptop with Enter Onetime Password.

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